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Commercial Invoice

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Xavier L.
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Sep 06, 2019
Who is responsible for creating the CI (Commercial Invoice)?

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Reyansh G.
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Sep 06, 2019
I suppose that as a rule the Shipper creates the Commercial Invoice. The document should include accurate and true information. Do not be tempted to devalue products, or guess any of the information; The shippers full business name and address including country. Product code, description, serial number, quantity, and value in sale currency. HS code and / or ECCN Number - you must ensure these are correct. Weights & dimensions of the package(s). Full business name, address, contact name, number and email address for the consignee. Information about Lithium batteries if applicable. If you require help creating you Commercial Invoice, or would like us to check your current template then please do let us know and we'd be happy to help. Note that we check CI's prior to the movement of a live job.
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