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Cancellation and Suspension of Export House Registration

Lumber and Articles of Wood
From Denmark
To Turkey
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Jun 17, 2021

How can an Export House cancel or suspend its registration?

1 answer

Jun 17, 2021

The registration of and Export House shall be liable to be cancelled or suspended for a specific period under the orders of the competent authority if:

  • The competent authority is satisfied that the registration has been obtained by misrepresentation of facts;
  • The competent authority, on the complaint of the foreign buyer, finds the Export House to have committed a breach of contract or indulged in unfair trade practices;
  • The Export House is found by the competent authority to have committed a violation of the import and export policy orders or exchange control regulations; or
  • The Export House in found by the competent authority to have failed to discharge an export obligation undertaken by it or to furnish to the competent authority any return or information required by or under this order.
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