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General Food Law Requirements

Food and Agricultural Produce
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Imad K.
Jun 18, 2021

What are general food law requirements?

1 answer

Jun 18, 2021

When importing foods into the EU, you must comply with the general principles of food law set out in Regulation 178/2002/EC.

This legislation requires that:

  • the food is safe and defines what is meant by unsafe food
  • that food imported into the EU complies with the relevant requirements of food law, or
  • where an agreement exists between the EU and the exporting country, with the agreed requirements which are recognized by the EU as equivalent

Importers who consider, or have reason to believe, that the imported food does not meet food safety requirements, must act immediately to withdraw the food from the market, where it has left their immediate control. They must also inform the competent authorities.

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