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Pakistan export

Apparel Articles and Accessories
From Pakistan
To United Kingdom
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Jasmine G.
Jun 22, 2021

How can I start import and export business in Pakistan?

1 answer

Raymond Y.
Jun 22, 2021

Export from Pakistan can be done only if you have an Export company. Export companies may be established in Pakistan in the form of sole monopolies, associates, or limited liability or public companies. 

  • Become a priority exporter. As a rule, an exporter is recognized as a priority exporter when it operates in Pakistan and regularly has export or import activities. You can only apply for a priority exporter when you have a company established. To facilitate priority exporter, according to the guidance of the World Customs, Pakistan Customs is preparing a comprehensive plan to facilitate the clearance of goods. Priority exporter must provide all details related to their business to receive this incentive. Customs will look up details such as: Profile of the company, bank account, number of employees and information of foreign partners. 
  • Building relationship and communication. Exporting from Pakistan start from marketing and relations creation, globally. 3rd party referrals are necessary in establishing export business relationships. Pakistanis themselves like to work with people they know and trust and they will spend time building more relationships to get to know you better. Pakistanis like to work directly, face to face. They do not like to work over the phone. 
  • Use export intermediaries services. Sometimes setting up a formal business can be a hassle. In this case, we recommend using third party services. The advantage of an intermediary service is to help you package your import and export business licenses. There are many services which offer it. You can choose the one which is cost-effective and efficient. They must be responsible for compensation if they have done something wrong or something not required. They provide free consultation on the initial procedures that businesses need to do, the rules of accounting, invoices of legal documents, laws related to tax laws in business. Supporting accounting services for businesses.
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