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Categories of retail trade

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David W.
Jun 24, 2021

What are the main categories of retail trade? What are the differences between them?

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Jun 24, 2021

Retail is a term which covers a vast range of business types and models. Some of the different types of retail store include:

Convenience store - a small to medium grocery and convenience shop usually operating near residential areas.
Speciality store - a store which concentrates on narrow product areas, eg clothing, electrical goods, entertainment.
Supermarket - a medium to large grocery and household store aiming for low-margin / high-volume sales.
Discount store - a small, medium or large shop which sources end-of-run stock or branded goods to sell at heavily discounted prices.
Department store - a large store with a range of goods and services, divided into departments which can be individually managed by buyers, merchandisers or a separate private business.
Warehouse / direct retailer - a medium to large store, usually off the high street, stocking goods directly from manufacturer or with costs of another step in supply chain removed.
Online store - selling directly to customers through an e-commerce website.

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