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Export from Sudan

Bags and Luggage Bags
From Sudan
To Armenia
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Raymond Y.
Jul 13, 2021

How to export from Sudan?

1 answer

Jul 13, 2021

For starting an import export business you should enlist as a taxpayer with Sudan Tax Authority. A registered trade with concerned license as per the business is must for exporting and importing of commercial products from and into Sudan. Appropriate authorization from concerned agencies and institution are need to be obtained if required.
Sudan Customs is a border force providing specialized general service to the community compatible with the international customs standards and contribute in economic development. The objectives of Sudan Customs were, Collection of customs revenues, Provide information about foreign trade, prevent smuggling, protecting the society, protecting the borders, Facilitation and secure global trade.
In many cases, the documentation may also vary depending on the country of origin or destination. The documents may have to be prepared in a special way to comply with the requirements of the import or export country. All export documentation must be completed correctly to avoid any missed shipments, port demurrage charges or fines to the business.
Generally in all countries there are three stages of process for export. One time registration procedure to obtain export licence, documentation needed for exportation and Export customs clearance formalities.

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