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The customs broker

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Sep 27, 2019
Do I need a Customs broker to clear my goods through Customs?

2 answers

David W.
Apr 01, 2020
In general There is no legal requirement that importers must hire a Licensed Customs Broker. Many successful importers, though, choose to utilize the services of Customs Brokers so their goods are imported properly without delays. Importing overseas from Europe is a fast moving endeavor. Although importing from Europe is not complicated if you have a Customs Broker working for you to keep tabs on your shipment and filing the proper documentation. Working with a Licensed Customs Broker is the best way to make sure your import documentation is filed correctly and penalties are avoided. Customs Brokers can help your imports arrive safely and file your paperwork. They afford you peace of mind while you avoid import process hurdles. So, personally I would prefer to hire custom broker.
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Sep 27, 2019
It is not obligatory for you to hire a Customs broker to clear your goods but many importers do utilize the services of a Customs broker. A Customs broker will fill out the necessary paperwork on behalf of an importer. Many importers find the services of a broker to be invaluable since some importations can be particularly complex. If an importer chooses to forego the services of a licensed customs broker, he or she must be aware of Customs requirements and is responsible for ensuring the importation is compliant.
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