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Shipping LCL

Ceramic Products
From United States of America
To Argentina
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David W.
Aug 09, 2021

What are the benefits and drawbacks of shipping LCL?

1 answer

Aug 09, 2021

When you ship LCL, you pay only for the volume you need- not a flat rate like FCL
Shipping fewer goods more frequently means spending less on inventory space
LCL is far cheaper than air freight, so if you have some time to wait for your shipment, you can lower shipping costs dramatically
During peak season when capacity is near-full, LCL can be easier to find and faster than FCL Here are the main drawbacks to LCL shipping:

LCL shipments need to be loaded and unloaded from containers, which adds a few days to the journey.
LCL shipments are more expensive per cubic meter than FCL – sometimes even twice as much.
Other shipments’ customs delays may cause your goods to be delayed along with them.
LCL goods are handled more, which increases the chances of damage.

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