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Labeling and Packaging

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Aug 12, 2021

What are rules of Labeling and Packaging Compliance? 

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Kerim A.
Aug 12, 2021


Make sure goods are labelled clearly and in English.
You may be required to include specific labeling based on the type of goods, for example PPE-related or medical products require specific labeling. Other products require clear directions for use, licensing information, or best by date.

Most carton shipments are built on pallets at origin because

It’s cheaper to palletize your shipments at origin when you’re importing into the US.
It’s easier to handle palletized freight because shipping loose cartons can lead to loss or damage to products.
The type of pallet you use is important for customs clearance, so before having your products palletized make sure it’s being done right. The US allows plastic or heat-treated and ISPM-15 certified wood pallets (because fungus found on wood can impact the American forestry industry). Non-compliance will result in the product being shipped back and you will have to assume the costs.

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