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Customs Clearance

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Kerim A.
Aug 12, 2021

How to do Customs Clearance Right ?

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Jasmine G.
Aug 12, 2021

If you are using a customs broker, you will need to sign a Power of Attorney in order for them to work on your behalf as an importer.

For formal entries and all containerized ocean imports, importers are required to issue surety bonds against the duties owed.

A Single Bond is taken out on each individual shipment. This can be time consuming if you are importing more frequently. In this case it is simpler to have a continuous bond.
A Continuous Bond is automatically renewed and covers bonds on all shipments for a calendar year.
Customs clearance will entail other forms and documents. In fact, there is such a wide and varied range of required documents to prepare when you are importing that it is well worth taking some time to find out what you need and ask your freight forwarder or customs broker any questions that you might have.

Here are some of the required documents you will likely need to prepare when importing goods into the US:

Shipping documentation (Bill of Lading)
Commercial invoice
Packing list
Arrival notice
Special documentation
Missing or incomplete documentation is a major source of delay and added cost, so keep on top of your documentation and customs requirements to streamline the process even before goods reach the US. This is really where customs brokers can help you. With their expertise, brokers can help you do customs clearance right and therefore reduce overall times and costs when sourcing goods.

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