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Maritime transport vessels

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Amber S.
Sep 16, 2021

What kind of maritime transport vessels exist?

1 answer

Andrea T.
Sep 16, 2021

General freighters: These are basic cargo ships; they can carry freight, but have no space for containers.

Container ships: Ships specially designed to carry goods in containers. They monopolize the majority of international dry freight transport and represent more than a half of all maritime trade.

Bulk carriers: The vessels best suited to transporting solid bulk cargoes.

Oil/gas tankers: Special tankers for transporting crude oil and by-products differentiated by their superior technical characteristics; all of them guarantee water tightness and structural resistance. Gas tankers have more sophisticated technology for storing liquefied gas and are divided into carriers of GNL and GLP, given that each one needs to be kept at a different pressure and temperature.
Reefer ships: Transport perishable food and commodities which  must generally be preserved at very low temperatures
Ro-Ro ships: Have ramps and platforms for transporting vehicles with wheels, from private cars to industrial vehicles and loaded trucks. There are also hybrid versions of these ships which combine vehicle and passengers transport (ferries) and others that transport vehicles carrying containers (Ro-Lo)

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