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Document called "Apostille"

From American Samoa
To Andorra
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Angela B.
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Dec 27, 2019
Hello! Can anyone explain to me on legal basis what is Apostille and how it can apply onto my exporting business from American Samoa?

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John D.
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Dec 27, 2019
Apostilles (French for "Certification") is an internationally recognized verification mechanism. Apostilles certify a document for all 110 nations who have ratified the Hague Convention, the same way that Notarization certifies a document for all 50 US States. It provides a standardized, global framework for authenticating documents across national governments. This document consists of a number of standard fields: Country / This public document has been signed by / Acting in the capacity of / Bears the seal/stamp of / Certified at / Date / Number / Seal/stamp / Signature. Apostilles prove to foreign governments that your documents are genuine.
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