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Brexit implications for the food exports

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Dave B.
Nov 18, 2021

What are the particular implications of Brexit for the food exports?

1 answer

Munmun S.
Nov 18, 2021
  1. Why not research future global food demand trends and look at manufacturing in the UK the products that will be in high demand. Innovate with your products to that you can ask for premium prices/justify your increased costs.
  2. Exchange rate may remain favorable to UK exporters
  3. Take advantage of higher dependency on local production: look at having your manufacturing base in an EU country
  4. Look at the domestic market for sales as it is likely that EU food products imports will also be reduced so more opportunity to sell to UK consumers.
  5. The UK has a strong negotiating hand where the UK is a net exporter: for instance the UK supplies 80% of Ireland’s flour. Ireland will want to make sure they still have access to this and at the lowest cost possible. Some non-EU countries negotiated trade deals with the EU because they were interested in the UK market and they would not want this to disappear.
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