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Most lucrative import/export businesses

Food and Agricultural Produce
From Russia
To China
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Anna G.
Apr 13, 2020
What are some of the most profitable import/export businesses?

2 answers

Apr 17, 2020
Dear Anna, the most lucrative import export businesses, according to me, based on the knowledge of the field are of two types: 1.Niche products - products not much explored or manufactured around the world. For example the edible cutlery, the biodegradable kitchenware, organic paper, Clothes from Jute; 2.Edibles - any edible sells in the world. Bring a newness to the recipe.In addition, India being an agricultural land, Indian fruits, vegetables and cereals, and grains are in great demand all around the world.
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Apr 14, 2020
Well there is no certain specific import or export business which are lucrative. It depends on several things.For example- China’s most lucrative export business is electronic equipment. However, for countries like Vietnam, the lucrative export business is rice. Here, China has production efficiency in producing electronics product. They can produce electronic equipment with low cost & good quality (in some region they send medium quality). As a result, a Chinese would like to go for electronic parts business. Similar for Vietnam.On the other hand, Singapore’s lucrative import business is selling agriculture products. Singapore is a tiny country with no land to harvest. Therefore, a Singaporean would like to start a raw food import business.
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