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Export business in Dubai

Textiles and Textile Articles
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Amber S.
Apr 15, 2020
How do I start an import export business in Dubai?

1 answer

Munmun S.
Apr 15, 2020
""Hello,Dubai has transformed itself as a global trading hub. Import and export business in Dubai is really a lucrative sector. The international trade is a major contributor to Dubai’s GDP growth.To start an import/export company one must apply for a trade license and register the company in the Freezones or the Mainland. There are few documents to be submitted to the authorities for obtaining the trade license.For operating import/export business based out of UAE, you must have a physical presence here with an Office and warehouse to stack your imports/exports. The details of your physical location, office and warehouse details are to be submitted to the customs to get the import/export codes and customs registration for initiating the trading.The trading company has to be registered with the Dubai Customs and relevant clearances are to be obtained.The import-export transactions are governed by the Dubai Customs. Goods arriving in and transferring out of UAE has to be validated and authorized by the customs clearance.Any illegal transactions of goods will levy huge penalty and cancellation of the trade license.Free Zones are the ideal locations for setting up your trading company. Enjoy the benefits of the Freezones like the following:· Easy Trade License Approval· Fast Business Setup· World-class Infrastructure,· 100% Foreign Investment,· 0% Tax, No Customs Duty· Customs Inspection on-premises· Warehousing Facilities· Easy access to Airports and SeaportsTrading Business in Dubai is a prospective option with all the available business infrastructure, import/export opportunities, and logistics support.""
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