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The Indian Trade Classification

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Jasmine G.
May 18, 2022

What is The Indian Trade Classification?

1 answer

May 18, 2022

The Indian Trade Classification – Harmonized System (ITC-HS) allows for the free import of most goods without a special import license.

Certain goods that fall under the following categories require special permission or licensing.

  1. Licensed (Restricted) Items – Licensed items can only be imported after obtaining an import license from the DGFT. These include some consumer goods such as precious and semi-precious stones, products related to safety and security, seeds, plants, animals, insecticides, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and some electronic items.
  2. Canalized Items – Canalized items can only be imported via specified transportation channels and methods, or through government agencies such as the State Trading Corporation (STC). These include petroleum products, bulk agricultural products such as grains and vegetable oils, and some pharmaceutical products.
  3. Prohibited Items – These goods are strictly prohibited from import and include tallow fat, animal rennet, wild animals, and unprocessed ivory.
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