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Net mass and supplementary quantity

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Jun 03, 2022

What is net mass and supplementary quantity?

1 answer

Ehsan A.
Jun 03, 2022

Except for a few goods under HS chapter 89 ‘Ships, boats and floating structures’ and the product code 2716 00 00 ‘Electrical energy’, quantity is expressed in kilograms. It reflects the net mass, i.e. the weight of the goods without any packaging.

For certain goods, a supplementary quantity is provided in addition to the net mass. This quantity is expressed in a unit which provides useful information. Supplementary units are units other than kilograms such as, for example, litres, numbers of pieces, carats, terajoules or square metres. For each CN8 code, the Combined Nomenclature indicates whether a supplementary quantity should be provided and, if so, in which supplementary unit.

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