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Export goods

Natural and Cultured Stones
From Austria
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Julius S.
Apr 15, 2020
How do I connect with producers and farmers to export goods?

1 answer

Andrea T.
Apr 15, 2020
"Hi,Dealing with farmers can be bit tricky as Govt. is very protective of the rates at which you would be buying from the farmers and the payments.Some of the practices which companies do:Procure from APMC market. All farmers put their harvest to sale at APMC and if he's satisfied with the auction price you seal the deal and take the goods. Neither the farmer or the trade would be able to cheat in any condition as PAMC has stringent rules.Contract farming: Here you will be in direct agreement with the farmer(s). Certain acres of land will be leased by you. The fertilisers, pesticides even the seeds would be monitored/provided by you. At the harvest whatever is taken out would be yours at a price agreed before. So, even if market is up/down you have a stable costing also even is the harvest is more/less you need to procure all of it.However, raw produce from the farms can't be exported directly. You would first need to process it. So wherever you’re buying from you would be needing either a processing/packing unit for exports."
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