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Regulating Imports and Exports

Natural and Cultured Stones
From Turkmenistan
To Kosovo
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Imad K.
Jul 01, 2022

Why and how does Indian Government regulate imports and exports?

1 answer

Jul 01, 2022

Generally, the Government imposes restrictions on imports and exports for the following reasons:

  • Protection of public morals;
  • Protection of human, animal or plant life or health;
  • Protection of patents, trademarks and copyrights, and the prevention of deceptive practices;
  • Prevention of use of prison labor;
  • Protection of national treasures of artistic, historic or archaeological value;
  • Conservation of exhaustible natural resources;
  • Protection of trade of fissionable material or material from which they are derived;
  • Prevention of traffic in arms, ammunition and implements of war.

However, there could also be situations such as maintaining price stability, honoring international commitments, protecting domestic procedures, etc., which might warrant imposition of restrictions, usually for a temporary period.

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