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Export Promotion Councils

Glass and Glassware
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Jul 01, 2022

What are Export Promotion Councils in India? 

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Jul 01, 2022

Export Promotion Councils (EPC) are organizations of exporters, set up with the objective to develop and promote Indian exports. Most of them are organizations sponsored by the Commerce Ministry. As advisory bodies they actively contribute to the policies of Government and act as interface between the exporters and the Government.

There are 29 EPCs, 6 commodity boards and 2 export development authorities that are responsible for promotion of exports - each for a particular group of products/projects/services. Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) is the apex body of these organizations. The commodity boards for coffee, coir, coconut, spices, tobacco and tea go beyond export promotion. They focus on the integrated development, cultivation and industry in the country for their products with focus on productivity increase and product diversification.

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