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Import Compliance Training

Parts and Equipment
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Jul 28, 2022

Who Needs Import Compliance Training?

1 answer

Leon L.
Jul 28, 2022

While there is no defined rule for who needs to go through import compliance training within your business, it’s in your best interest to have all employees directly involved with trade to be updated.

It’s essential that your team is trained in all relevant areas to comply with your legal obligations.

The best way to determine who needs to be trained is to start by understanding your business processes and functions. Once you have a clear understanding of the different features of your business, you can begin to review applicable laws and regulations to their operations with an import audit and assessment.

This information will uncover gaps in your business operations since many trade laws and regulations are updated frequently. Along with frequent updates, trade regulations were not written with the need of business owners in mind. This means that it can be challenging to comply with U.S. import trade laws, and you may need a professional to help navigate uncertainties.

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