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Employees Receive Compliance Training

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Jul 28, 2022

When Should Employees Receive Compliance Training?

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Jul 28, 2022

Trade regulations are revised continuously, and laws that your business needs to comply with may change each year.

This means that there is never a bad time to go through compliance training, but here are a few critical times that your employees should go through a customized training program.

New Hires. Any new employee who is involved with a process in your business that is related to trade compliance should be exposed to concepts and awareness about the issue. This information can help an employee understand their role in keeping your company compliant, and this training can always also follow the entire department engaged with compliance.

Annual Recertifications. Most businesses have a Code of Business Ethics Conduct. This Code sends a clear signal to vendors and customers that the business takes import laws seriously. Typically, annual reviews of import trade compliance is a great choice to keep compliance at the top of mind and avoid hefty fines or penalties.

Annual Training. Departments that are involved in trade compliance and executive managers should go through annual training to ensure they are updated on changing compliance regulations. Ongoing training is essential in the case of a government audit, and training can be a “mitigating factor” if your business runs into a sticky situation.

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