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Certificate of Conformity Components

Ceramic Products
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To India
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Oct 13, 2022

What should a certificate of conformity contain?

1 answer

Oct 13, 2022

Certificate of conformity is issued to legally state that your product has been manufactured and is in conformance with respect to the requirements from certain standards or specifications specified in the market’s regulation. Generally, mandatory elements that should be listed in the CoC minimally are:

  • Product Identification with the product description covered in the CoC and specification to the associated purchase order numbers.
  • Manufacturer/ importer’s identification such as the legal name, address and contact number.
  • List of all safety regulations/standards that the product must pass.
  • List of certificates awarded to manufacturer that the product has been tested and is compliant.
  • The date and place where the product was manufactured.
  • Date and place when the product was tested for compliance with the product safety rules cited.
  • Identification of any 3rd party laboratory/certification agency with an indication of who did the test or issued the certificates.
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