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Flora M.
Jul 02, 2019
How does a dropshipping business work?

2 answers

Elina A.
Nov 25, 2019
At its basic level, dropshipping means you're selling suppliers products on your own eCommerce site while the supplier packs and ships your orders directly to your customers. When the item arrives at your customer, the package looks as though it was shipped by you and not your supplier. All of this happens without you having to touch a single product that you sell. This means you can focus more on marketing and growing your eCommerce store and less on running everything.
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Jul 02, 2019
Working with international shipping procedures for more than 15 years, I could say that most of my clients (65% from 2018-2019) choose dropshipping. They consider this method to be the most secure. Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method used to sell items from the supplier and ship it directly to the customers. Basically, you do not need inventory and keep the products when doing dropshipping. It is less risky and does not require upfront costs. Let me try to explain to you in short how dropshipping works: You post products on an online platform. These are not your products, you just take pictures and write descriptions from your chosen supplier. A customer gets interested in your products, places an order, and pays for it. You contact the supplier who stocks this product, and you place the same order as your customer. You ask the supplier to deliver the order to the address of your customer. The customer receives the order and the deal is completed.
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