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Genuine buyer

Beauty Supplies
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Amber S.
Apr 28, 2020
How difficult is it for a first time exporter to get a genuine buyer?

2 answers

Jun 24, 2020
As an exporter, finding buyers for your product can be the most difficult challenge in your business, particularly when you're just getting started or are selling in a new market. Selling in another country is never easy. You need to adapt to cultural norms, language, and travel barriers in order to succeed. But new technology makes the world smaller and makes finding buyers overseas much easier than it was in the past. Many foreign countries have state-sponsored or state-controlled companies—called trading companies—which import products, usually in bulk orders. Having a foreign representative on your side can help you find exactly who you need to be in contact with. Some foreign agencies are proactive and have buying agents who actively looking for suppliers, they may become a great chance for you to find buyers.
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Andrea T.
Apr 28, 2020
It is very difficult to get the right Buyer. The knownness of the Buyers and authentication is to be done from all sources for new clients. B2B connects you but the senses for confirmation has to work. It's better to go for a neighboring country if this is your first experience as an exporter. If you know anyone from buyer's country like friends, relatives or colleagues, you can ask for their help. KYC principle is very important for both sides. That's a tough task but don't give up, keep in touch and see how things will work.
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