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Difference between EOU and SEZ

Machinery and Mechanical Appliances
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Jak H.
Oct 26, 2022

What is the difference between EOU and SEZ?

1 answer

Oct 26, 2022

Although both EOUs and SEZs, were initiated to boost exports, there are differences between the two. An EOU can be set up anywhere in the country, provided it meets the scheme’s criteria. On the other hand, an SEZ is a specially demarcated enclave that is deemed to be outside the Customs jurisdiction and therefore, a foreign territory. Thus, any sale made from within an SEZ to DTA is considered export while any sale made by an EOU to DTA is regarded as deemed exports. Sale from SEZs to DTAs are more common, compared to sales from EOUs to DTAs. Being a clearly demarcated area, there is substantial control over the physical movement of goods to and from SEZs, but the same cannot be said about EOUs. In terms of taxability, an SEZ based establishment is not required to pay tax, while an EOU has to pay tax which it can claim as a refund later.

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