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Import Export Business Regulation

Furniture and Home Decoration Goods
From Turkey
To South Africa
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Nov 04, 2022

Why is Import Export business regulated by the Government?

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Nov 04, 2022

Most items can be exported or imported without any license/authorization but some items are allowed without license/authorization only upon fulfillment of prescribed conditions.

Some items are prohibited for import or export. Some items can normally be imported or exported by State Trading Enterprises only and some will be allowed for import or export only against a license/authorization.

The import/export policies for all goods are indicated against each item in Indian Trade Classification (Harmonized System) for Imports and Exports, usually known as ITC (HS).

Also, domestic Laws/ Rules/ Orders/ Regulations/ Technical specifications/ environmental/ safety and health norms applicable to domestically produced goods apply, mutatis mutandis, to imports, unless specifically exempted. Besides, product specific restrictions or conditions may be imposed by other Ministries or authorities.

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Imad K.
Nov 04, 2022

The government imposes restrictions on imports and exports for the following reasons:

  1. Protect the morals of the public.
  2. Protect the lives of the humans, animals and plants.
  3. IPR protection.
  4. To maintain the artistic, historic and archaeological value of national treasure.
  5. To conserve the exhaustible natural resources.
  6. To discourage and limit the trafficking of war related items, weapons and illegal drugs.
  7. Prevent the use of prison labor.
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