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Air Freight Calculation

Electrical Equipment and Supplies
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Dec 21, 2022

What factors should I consider when calculating air freight cost?

1 answer

Dec 21, 2022

Air Freight charges are comparatively 4 to 5 times more than the cost of moving the same shipment via road, and 12 to 16 times than the cost of moving it via sea routes. Air Freight rates are generally between 1.5 USD to 4.5 USD per kg, and they depend on a range of factors:

Fuel prices: Fuel costs are one of the most prominent reasons why air freight is the most expensive mode of transporting your goods. Fluctuations in global fuel prices dictate the latest freight rate trends.

Shipment type: The regular shipment costs relatively less. But if your goods require specific climatic conditions, the companies charge more for providing those services.

Space and Chargeable weight: In case you're shipping your goods via the Less than Container Load (LCL) method, the amount you pay for getting your package delivered via air freight is directly proportional to the space it takes up inside a container and its chargeable weight.

Distance and route: Greater the distance between the airport of origin and the destination, the more the shipping costs. However, some of the busiest routes for air cargo are cheaper than those where trading is scarce, simply because it's much more profitable for a company to move goods between the routes that can guarantee business both to and from.

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