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Mini Container Cost

Machinery and Mechanical Appliances
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Jasmine G.
Dec 21, 2022

How much does a mini container cost?

1 answer

Jak H.
Dec 21, 2022

Smaller sized shipping container sizes are typically 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft.

Accordingly, the price for a new 10ft container varies from USD 2,995 to USD 5,995 depending on the place of purchase and age of the container.

On average, a new 8ft container costs approximately USD 2,700 or USD 3,000. Depending on its state, a used 8ft container might cost approximately USD 1,800 or USD 2,100.

An average 6ft storage container costs between USD 2,100 to USD 3,400. A more budget-friendly option of a used 6ft container can cost anywhere from USD 1,350 to USD 1,450.

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