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Trade Remedies

Glass and Glassware
From Iran
To Indonesia
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Jan 05, 2023

What are trade remedies?

1 answer

Jan 05, 2023

Trade remedies are trade policy tools that allow governments to take remedial action against imports which are causing material injury to a domestic industry. Such remedies are divided broadly into: ยท

  • Antidumping measures. The most commonly used are antidumping measures to counteract unfairly low prices. The WTO Agreement on Antidumping deems that goods are "dumped" when companies export them at prices lower than those at which they sell in their home market.
  • Countervailing duties. Countervailing duties counteract subsidies by national authorities that unfairly enable their companies to export at a lower price.
  • Safeguard measures. These measures do not counteract an unfair practice, but allow countries to suspend import surges temporarily in order to grant local industries time to adjust to increased foreign competition on national markets.
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