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Advance Authorisation Scheme

Pets Supplies
From Malaysia
To Vietnam
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Feb 15, 2023

Who is eligible for advance authorisation scheme?

1 answer

Feb 15, 2023

Benefits of DGFT Advance License can be availed of by the manufacturer exporter or merchant exporter with link to the supporting manufacturer. It is also available to sub-contractors of projects where the name of the sub-contractor appears in the contract, in case of supply to the UN or other aid programs. Payment for such types of contracts must be received in freely convertible foreign exchange. It is issued for physical exports, including exports to SEZs, intermediate supplies, and supply of stores onboard vessels/aircraft, subject to conditions. Import of mandatory spares, if required to be provided with the exported item, is covered under the duty-free benefit to a maximum of 10% of the CIF value of authorization.

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