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I sell my software/music overseas - is this considered as an export?

Art and Works of Art
From Norway
To United States of America
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Bjorg D.
May 21, 2020
I sell my software/music overseas - is this considered as an export?

2 answers

Dec 06, 2022

Yes, as you are providing services abroad, it will be considered as export of services.

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May 27, 2020
Hello, Bjorg. Let me try to help you. Your software/music would be considered an export of service, and it depends on how the software is delivered. Three main categories are tangible software, downloaded software, and software accessed via the cloud.Tangible software refers to instances where a technology product is sold to a customer in a box, CD, or memory stick. Downloaded software refers to is a software license that allows a customer to download a tech directly to their local hard drive, and then use the software for whatever application they have purchased it for, like software for recording music. Please note that license costs are included in the WTO methods of valuation for import duty.Software accessed via the cloud accounts for the “Software As A Service” (SaaS) product. This type of software is where customers access it over an Internet connection via the cloud, for example.The big issue for SaaS products is the tax implications. For example in the EU, there is a requirement to register for VAT for companies supply consumers, even if the company is not based in the EU. It's similar in the US but with different state taxes.
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