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Frequently Asked Questions

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Networking and Promotion on EXIMA

Can I get my company listed on EXIMA?

#Networking and Promotion on EXIMA
You can register as a person who represents the company, but as a company you cannot register separately. Register for free to list your company on your profile:

Are there any bonuses (like promotion) if I answer more questions?

#Networking and Promotion on EXIMA
Yes! We are working on a system where after you earn pro bono points, you can start offering monetized services on our platform. If you have any questions regarding this system, please reach out to our world-class customer support team: We’re always happy to help!

Can I ask a specific person a question?

#Networking and Promotion on EXIMA
Unfortunately, there is no way for the user to ask a question to a specific person. When you create a question, it is visible to all other users.

How can I promote myself with EXIMA?

#Networking and Promotion on EXIMA
On your profile page, you can list your contact information and website. Through answering questions and being active on our platform, you will be visible to more users who will click through and see your information.

Can EXIMA members contact each other?

#Networking and Promotion on EXIMA
Unfortunately, there is no way for the user to communicate directly with other users. The user can interact with others in the following way: Asking questions, answering questions, commenting on questions, throwing a report for answers, and praising (marking useful) answers with likes, subscribing to questions and follow / unfollow the user.
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