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Frequently Asked Questions

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Important questions

What languages does EXIMA support?

#About EXIMA
EXIMA currently only supports English.

Does EXIMA have an app?

#About EXIMA
At this time, EXIMA does not have an app. However, this does not mean we will not have an app in the future.

What is the difference between EXIMA and any other trade forum?

#About EXIMA
We are the only online international trade association that connects global stakeholders. Additionally, our pro bono points system that will lead to monetization allows our users to grow their businesses in unprecedented ways. Coupled with the fact that EXIMA is always striving to create new and better ways for our users to network and build their business, EXIMA has everything an international trade stakeholder needs to get started. No matter what your question is, we have an answer. Want to find a lawyer or access their services? We can help with that. Want to network and find a freight forwarding expert in a specific country? We can help you do that too.

What are the advantages of getting registered with EXIMA?

#About EXIMA
EXIMA has many benefits we offer our users. Monetization, promotional opportunities, publishing opportunities, webinars, professional development, and networking are just some of those benefits that we are adding to our website. We’re constantly creating new ways to share information and network, making EXIMA the go-to place to learn more about international trade and grow your international business.

Why should I register on EXIMA?

#About EXIMA
EXIMA is a virtual space for professionals in the international trade industry to network and share trade knowledge. We provide support for international importers/exporters by importers/exporters and other players in an international trade transaction. We focus on assisting importers and exporters through the order process and trade transaction specifically, but we also have resources for every aspect of international trade.

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