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  • Topic - has to reflect the main idea of your question (ex: Fruit export; ex: B2B connection);
  • Description - this section gives you the opportunity to explain your question in details;
  • Type of expertise - this broadly concern the diverse academic domains (ex.: national law, international trade law, corporate law, intellectual property law) that are directly connected to your working practices;
  • Industry - choose one or more industries whose features you are best known for;
  • Export from - choose the country you would like to export from;
  • Import in - indicate the country you would like to buy into;
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What People Are Saying

Made for military purpose but later used for civilian purpose

We are based in Germany and plan to combine two of our existing products into one through a minor modification. This new product is then intended to become a part of the driving control system of an Indian tank. In my view, this new product is in line with items that have been constructed or modified for military purposes under the German export control list. But it can also be used for civilian purposes – would we still need to request an export license in that case?
From Germany
To India
Jan 14

Re-exporting repaired equipment

In 2014, we have sold a device to a customer of ours in Kyrgyzstan. Recently, the device needed to be repaired under warranty and was returned to us. We have imported the item and customs cleared it for free circulation in the EU. We have then sent it to our supplier in Germany, who in turn sent it on to their facilities in the UK to be repaired. It’s now back in our warehouse and we would like to get it ready to be shipped back to our customer in Kyrgyzstan. How should we export this shipment – does an inward processing relief apply?
From Kyrgyzstan
To Germany
Jan 14

Import goods through post

How to import goods through post in Turkey?
From Armenia
To Bolivia
Dec 30

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