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Strategies to help Your Succeed in an Overly Competitive Supply Chain Labor Industry
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Strategies to help Your Succeed in an Overly Competitive Supply Chain Labor Industry

Hiring experienced, qualified workers is a must if you want to navigate the competitive supply chain industry successfully. However, in order to attract them, there are certain strategies that logistics providers must adopt. Take a look at them down below.

Ease the Application Process

If the application process is too long or complicated, potential employees may abandon it and apply for other companies instead. Simplify the process and ensure the instructions are clear.

For the interview process, make sure to prepare questions and answers that can give a clear insight into the company’s policies and goals. In today’s digital world, you can interact with potential employees through various channels like video conferencing apps and email services.

Create an Employee Referral Plan

Employee referrals are the leading sources of hires for many companies. Try developing a referral plan to receive applicants with qualified skills. It should be guided by the supply chain’s HR associate and recruiter, and you may also want to consider involving the organization’s senior executive as well. You can even create your employee referral program manually. However, an automated system helps you pursue the origin of referrals and promotes better results.


Attend Career Festivals

Career festivals are common in colleges and universities. They focus on distinct types of departments and degree programs, allowing organizations to meet potential employees with various skills and backgrounds.

Do not just send your recruiting representative to the campus. Instead, you should develop a strategic plan and involve an expert who is conversant with career exhibitions. Your expert should know the kind of employees the company is looking for. One of the critical things a company should maintain is consistency. Remember, first impressions are critical if you want to attract the “right” applicants. Following up after the event is also crucial to build and maintain lasting connections.

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