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APEDA Bets on IT-based Initiatives to Speed up Export Processes
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APEDA Bets on IT-based Initiatives to Speed up Export Processes

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) of India has joined the list of government agencies that have gone digital as a result of recent technological advancements.

Purchasing IT technology to improve the shipment process has been on the agenda for several years. This APEDA's investment into IT-oriented initiatives is timely, and the changes were necessary to meet the increasing demands and new issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. You can now fill all documents online, make payments electronically, and get online certifications. APEDA also performs virtual trade online.

APEDA’s Chairman, M Angamuthu, is a pioneer in incorporating IT to promote and develop exports. In his opinion, it is critical to simplify and rationalize existing rules through the use of IT in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Actions APEDA is Taking

APEDA's paperless office initiative eliminates the need for shippers to visit a office to obtain registration-cum-membership certification (RCMC). They can submit fees and supporting documents online.

Getting RCMC is now faster for exporters. Shippers will be better able to perform their export tasks efficiently without any delays.

In addition, by enabling online payment gateway and digital signatures, APEDA has also achieved 100% digitization of issuance of registration-cum-allocation certificates (RCAC). Users can obtain their certification in just a few minutes after completing the online application.

Apeda uses IT-based initiatives to enable farmers to sell their products online from anywhere in the world. Exporters can also benefit from this new initiative since they can now post their queries, needs, and sales offers online.

Virtual trade fairs are also one of the unique online initiatives that facilitate exhibitors, visitors, exporters, and other stakeholders to exchange information and build new partnerships. The virtual fair features various facilities, including chatting and videoconferencing so companies can showcase their products.


Benefits to the Indian Export Sector

India's agricultural exports have benefited from these initiatives despite numerous factors, like lockdowns causing massive delays.

Moreover, APEDA has successfully used IT technology in the food industry by offering tracking systems for grapes, meat, peanuts, and organic products. Several states already have APEDA registration for certain products, including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir.

Traceability features will, however, take some time to be accessed by stakeholders. To enhance security and prevent a data breach, an advanced SaaS (Software as a service) feature embedded with Blockchain is a must.

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