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Integrated Remote Control of Maritime Operations with AST’s IRAMS
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Integrated Remote Control of Maritime Operations with AST’s IRAMS

Applied Satellite Technology (AST), a global leader in connectivity solutions, is thrilled to unveil its cutting-edge software, the Integrated Remote Asset Management System (IRAMS). This revolutionary solution is set to transform how maritime organizations oversee and control their remote assets, introducing unparalleled efficiency and oversight.

IRAMS is meticulously crafted to tackle the challenges confronting industries like oil and gas, maritime, renewables, and utilities, where assets often operate in remote and demanding environments. This comprehensive system empowers users to remotely manage and monitor assets, consolidating live asset performance data, predictive maintenance scheduling, and environmental impact reporting onto a unified platform. Future iterations of IRAMS will incorporate additional features/modules based on customer feedback, including crew welfare, tracking, and route optimization.

This groundbreaking software provides real-time access to critical information and data, whether a vessel is docked or an asset is deployed anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Key Features and Advantages of IRAMS:

Real-Time Asset Monitoring: IRAMS facilitates real-time remote asset monitoring, offering live performance data for immediate responses to critical situations, enabling informed decisions, and minimizing operational costs while maximizing uptime.

Centralized Data Management: The system integrates data from diverse sources into a unified platform, eliminating data silos, delivering a holistic view of assets, streamlining data-driven decision-making, reducing manual tasks, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Predictive Analytics: Leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, IRAMS analyzes historical and real-time data to identify patterns and predict potential issues proactively. This approach minimizes downtime, lowers maintenance expenses, and optimizes asset performance.

Remote Control and Automation: IRAMS enables remote control and automation of essential asset operations, reducing the need for on-site personnel, enhancing safety, and providing an intuitive interface for remote asset monitoring, configuration, and management.

Advanced Reporting and Visualization: IRAMS generates detailed reports and visual representations of asset performance, offering valuable insights for stakeholders at all levels. Customizable reports facilitate improved resource allocation, regulatory compliance, and informed decision-making.

Daniel Clark, AST’s Group Head of Software, emphasized the significance of IRAMS, stating, "We are proud to introduce IRAMS to the market, representing a significant leap in remote asset management. This innovative solution empowers organizations to optimize their operations and enhance overall efficiency. With AST's sector expertise, we have developed this software to meet our customers' specific needs while driving advancements in the maritime industry. IRAMS simplifies technology adoption, reduces operational costs, and accelerates digital transformation within the sector."

AST has a proven track record of delivering reliable and innovative communication solutions across various global industries. With the launch of IRAMS, AST reaffirms its commitment to meeting the evolving requirements of industries reliant on effective asset management.

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