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Huawei Indictments will impact Trade Talks between US and China
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Huawei Indictments will impact Trade Talks between US and China


The US/China Trade War continues to build as theft and cybersecurity allegations against Chinese Tech Company Huawei come to light.


Accusations of Chinese companies stealing intellectual property are nothing new, but the charges of violating trade sanctions with Iran and posing a national security risk are quite serious, especially when relations between the east and west are so tense.


Chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei,

 was arrested in Canada, though US President Trump is trying to have her extradited. Facing suspicions of corporate espionage as well as spying for the Chinese military, the company has many legal battles ahead, though the effects on trade negotiations have yet to be seen.


Exima and our partners will be following the story as well as the effects it will have on the market, ensuring our members stay up-to-date on information and can plan their business strategies accordingly.





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