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Who we are

We are an international association that is focused on the advancement of the export and import industry. As a professional network, we play an active role in facilitating and engaging dialogue between members and business partners within the international trade.


What we do

Providing important financial information such as business news, analysis, statistics and stock market data relevant to investors, business owners, exporters & importers.
Updating you with first-hand information so you can open up yourself to new partners and opportunities in other countries.
Your number one online source of data concerning all legal services and advice in the export-import industry at the touch of a button.
We provide you a library with educational materials to keep you abreast with global trade industry’s rules and regulations. These include: videos, e-books, journals, and articles to augment your export and import knowledge.
Are you looking to move on up the industry or start a new career? Sail with EXIMA!
We are a place where export and import professionals interact with each other to advance the global market.

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Connect Create new opportunities! Reach out to other export/import businesses around the world.
FYI Engage in the freshest and eye-opening news and articles that relate to the global market industry.
Learn Equip yourself with up-to-date information and analyses of the export/import industry.
Market Find up-to-date market reports and analyses to help you with business strategies.
Growth Looking for a career change? We are your legitimate source for employment opportunities.

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