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Online marketing, offline marketing or...both?
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Online marketing, offline marketing or...both?

Over the last couple of years, online marketing has taken over offline marketing. Due to the high costs in labor, production, distribution, and ad space, offline marketing has made it hard for those with relatively lower budgets to advertise their companies. Moreover, some offline marketing tactics like print ads offer a limited amount of time while making it difficult to measure effectiveness. Although marketers have found ways to keep track of certain offline marketing materials, it is not always 100% reliable.

On the other hand, online marketing allows a global reach with a smaller investment, even offering easy access to real-time results. It also allows companies to measure return on investment (ROI) by utilizing online tools to track impressions, follows, likes, views, shares, and purchases. Moreover, this type of marketing is accessible to all kinds of businesses worldwide, helping them reach customers outside their countries.

To take full advantage of online marketing, you need knowledge. You must learn how it works beforehand to develop an effective strategy. With so many local and international businesses marketing their brands online, it lowers your chances of making your brand stand out in the digital space. It also takes a while to build trust since people are wary of online fraud, fake links, hacking, and data breaches. A lot of customers have trouble trusting anything online, which is a barrier you have to overcome.


Benefits of Offline Marketing

However, this is not to say offline marketing is ineffective. Businesses that use high-quality traditional marketing media can look more credible in the eyes of some customers. In fact, people tend to remember print ads such as flyers, brochures, and posters better than online ads. Reading such ads requires more focus, and there are no pop-ups or notifications on the side to distract the readers.

People also encounter various kinds of offline marketing whenever they go outside. It can be in the form of outdoor advertising, radio advertisements, product packaging, or even a flyer handed to them on the streets. Such advertisements are especially beneficial if companies are looking to target the older generations, customers who are not on social media, or people who pay for applications and services that block out ads. Offline marketing can help brands target these kinds of groups.

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