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5 Success stories of French SMEs in the world
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5 Success stories of French SMEs in the world

Whether in industry, gastronomy, energy, building, new technologies, the label Made in France is exported very well. For some people, it is a sign of elegance and quality, while for others, Made in France means sophistication.

With the help of trade support organizations such as BPI France, Business France or the Chambers of Commerce, all over the world, French entrepreneurs try to promote the "Made in France" label with different degrees of success. In this article, we will focus on five French SMEs that have managed to stand out abroad.

Let's start with "Europe in a Box." It's a small start-up company based in Melbourne, Australia, and offers a monthly subscription to surprise culinary boxes. Founded in 2012 by Cyndie Herrador, a young Frenchwoman, "Europe in a Box," is a new e-commerce concept in Australia. The principle is based on a monthly subscription, and each month Europe in a Box offers its subscribers a gourmet selection of 5 handmade products from several culinary destinations in Europe, as well as cultural information.

Difficult to talk about the success of French SMEs without talking about gastronomy. Also, who speaks about French gastronomy also speaks about the "Ultraviolet" Restaurant, created by the French chef Paul Pairet in Shanghai in 2012. Gourmets all over the whole world do not hesitate to pay the modest sum of 800 euros (about $900) per person to have the privilege of eating there. The restaurant is located in a secret place, known only by the drivers who are responsible for transporting customers of the day. The concept is to offer a culinary experience that stimulates all senses, from sight to smell through hearing and touch.

Another point of pride in France is BlaBlaCar, the European leader in car-sharing services. Created in 2006 by three young French people, this company offers to individuals to share the cost of a trip at a price set by the driver. This alternative to the train and the bus conquered in a short time all France and the world as it answered precisely to the needs of the moment.

To finish off this list, there are two SMEs both operating in the production and distribution of organic and environmentally friendly products. Campo Vivo established in Mexico, and Lea Nature created in France. Although they are not yet well known around the world, these two companies have potential and have already gained popularity in South America, Southwest Europe, China and parts of North Africa.

We like to highlight the success of SMEs all over the world, as they are the main source of economic growth, as they account for over half of the total employment in France according to the annual SME report done by the European Commission. Our mission is to further the growth of SMEs globally, specifically in the trade business. Learn more about what we have to offer, and how we can help you grow your business.

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